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Let#039;s put the city#039;s best interest first, not last

OK, Ironton. Let's learn from the mistakes of the past. We've heard lots of saber rattling recently at the Ironton City Council meetings.

Seven members of the Council are working to find a happy medium - we'd settle for any medium at this point - in the ongoing debate over how best to handle the city's budget. During those debates we've heard all kinds of nonsense bantered to and fro.

We've heard lots of folks grumbling about possibly recalling some or all of the council members. What is that going to get us? Let's assume for a minute the citizens recalled each of the council. How long will it take to find good, capable people to run for the vacant offices? For that matter, what person in their right mind who has the business acumen to handle the office would agree to fill the positions, knowing the amount of pressure that will be placed upon them. Remember, these folks get paid very little for this. It's not the most attractive position available in town.

Second, a recall will cost money. Any kind of special election or legal action taken will waste valuable resources - time and money. Remember, the latter of those is why we're in this mess in the first place.

Aside from the talk of recalls, we've heard councilmen threaten to resign over the matter. Again, how does this serve the people of Ironton? If someone in whom a number of voters have placed their trust takes the attitude that it is better to simply pick up their marbles and go home, then the city is in more trouble than we think.

The city has spent the past year debating the same topics, over and over and over again. And yet nearly 12 months later, we're in exactly the same, stagnant place we were when the debate began.

Can the council members not see that continuing to spin the wheels is only getting us deeper in the same old ruts?

Council members were elected to represent the people. And, no doubt, each side believes it is doing that correctly. But in addition to representing the people, each side is supposed to represent the city at large. Continuing to stall and waste time by not compromising or at least passing a budget plan continues to shortchange the city's residents. The voters elected each of them to lead and sometimes leadership requires swallowing some pride and getting the job done.