Pajama party: Chesy students dress down

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2005

CHESAPEAKE - For 9-year-old Jordan Taylor and her classmates at Chesapeake Elementary School, the last day of school before spring break was a little different than normal.

All the assignments were in and the tests completed, so it was time to have a party - a pajama party, that is.

Students celebrated the end of the achievement and proficiency tests with a pajama day.

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"It was really cool, we were all sleepy in class," Taylor said.

The students worked hard most of the year to prepare for the tests taken by the third and fourth grades so they were more than ready to relax.

Amber Bentley, a member of the Chesapeake Parent Teacher Association, said that they wanted to have a special day for the students just to allow, "a whole big day of relaxation and fun."

Even though only the two grades took the tests, the whole school was rewarded with a day of fun before beginning their spring break.

The students were allowed to choose between wearing their pajamas or being creative with their dress.

Some wore princess outfits usually reserved for Halloween while others took a different approach.

Keyshawn Plumbley, 6, chose to be creative with his outfit.

He dressed up just like his dad-literally. Plumbley wore his dad's pants and shirt.

Excited about spring break, Plumbley said he's "going to play marbles outside."

Pajama day ended with the PTA spring party where the students ate goodies and played games before heading home.

Now students have a whole week to relax before its back to the books.