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Getting buff and tan: Proctorville business helps self-image

Proctorville - When you walk in the door at The Muscle Shoppe and Tanning, you see owner Cathy Callicoat behind the counter chatting with a customer like they are old friends.

"I try hard to know who comes in the door.

We have the best customers of anybody; everybody is so nice" Callicoat said.

As more customers come in the door, she addresses them in the same way - by name, as they strike up another conversation.

The Muscle Shoppe and Tanning, located in Proctorville, has been open since last August and is owned by Roger and Cathy Callicoat.

They sell retail vitamin and bodybuilding supplements

and also have tanning.

Callicoat said her husband, Roger, has been in this business for about 10 years and he knows about supplements, what people need and what to recommend to their customers. She said that they have customers who are dedicated and work hard and The Muscle Shoppe tries to give them what they need.

Callicoat cleans the tanning beds when the customers leave in order to make everything nice for the next person, and to check for any items her customers may have forgotten while tanning. When she finds something, she puts it in an envelope for the customer behind the counter.

She also provides deodorant and body spray for her customers after they tan.

"It's important to me.

It's what I would like if I went to tan.

I tan here, so I want those things."

Clients come from as far as Grayson, Ky., and Portsmouth and include local television personalities, college athletes and everyday people.

"We enjoy everyone that comes in and we've befriended everyone.

We just love what we do.

I'm thankful that we have this opportunity," Callicoat said.

The Muscle Shoppe and Tanning is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Hours will change as business picks up; they are expecting 60 to 70 tanners a day.

It is recommended that customers call (740) 886-7600 to make an appointment.