Wayne trails, campgrounds to re-open Saturday

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2005

On April 15, most of the nation will breathe a sigh of relief as the deadline to file taxes passes once more.

What better way to reward yourself for giving the tax man his due than a trip to a Wayne National Forest campground or trail? They are, appropriately, opening that very day.

Each year, as the end of October approaches, the U.S. Forest Service closes up shop on these campgrounds to protect them from the whims of Jack Frost, according to Gloria Chrismer, Wayne National Forest Ironton District Ranger.

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"Our waterlines are not winter-proof, and we don't want to get any frozen pipes or anything," Chrismer said. "So we have determined that April 15 is a good time to open."

The close also helps to protect the park's visitors as well as its pocketbook, Chrismer said.

"We also don't want people to get on the trails when they're really wet and soggy," Chrismer said. "It tears them up and costs a whole lot more to maintain, and it causes safety hazards out there."

Campgrounds at Timbre Ridge Lake and Lake Vesuvius will once more be available for reservation. The Ironton District offers trails for hiking at Hanging Rock, Pine Creek, Symmes Creek, Lake Vesuvius and Rock House in the Vesuvius area.

More information on WNF recreation opportunities is available by calling (740) 534-6500.