Help Wanted: Lilly seeks volunteers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 21, 2005

"The city is only as good as the citizens who make it good," Irontonian Randy Lilly said. "A city is a direct reflection of its citizenry."

Lilly is hoping several hundred fellow Ironton residents will reflect on what the city is - and what it could be - and take part in the annual Volunteer Day slated for April 30.

The sixth annual event that Lilly helped organize brings volunteers together to spruce up the downtown area and the entrances to the city. Lilly said he is expecting 150 to 250 people, but he would like to see more people show up and lend a hand.

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"We'll mulch, we'll sweep and plant flowers," Lilly said. "It's just a general refreshing. We may even do some parks if we have enough people."

Volunteer Day typically draws both young and young-at-heart volunteers. Fifty-six members of the Ironton Junior High School Kids Care Club have signed up to take part this year. They are among the youngest volunteers to participate.

"We were surprised that many students wanted to do it," Kids Care Club Advisor Tami Rowe said. "We made them come into the office and sign up and we made it clear this is a Saturday. They're not getting out of school to do this. But I think some of them, their friends are doing it and they want to do something with their friends."

The first 200 people to sign up get free T-shirts. Those who want to take part may call Lilly at 532-0010. Volunteers will meet at or near the Center Street Boat Landing at 9 a.m. that Saturday.

And in the end, Lilly said he is hoping for a little divine intervention to make the volunteer day possible. After all, this is mid-Spring. In addition to the volunteer turnout, some things are just naturally not assured.

"We're praying for good weather," he said.