Legislators must take shot at #039;big leagues#039;

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 5, 2005

Politics can sometimes be like baseball because the minor league team you love often has to take a back seat to the major league team that needs help.

Not to imply that they are currently in the minor leagues because that is far from the case, but two of Ohio's legislators may be looking to "get called up" to the big show - the U.S. Senate and House.

Current U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lucasville) and State Rep. Todd Book (D-McDermott) both are mulling a run at two separate U.S. Congressional seats. As much as we would hate to lose either of the experienced legislators, we have to say, "Go for it."

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Rep. Strickland, who opted not to run for Ohio governor because he felt that the issues he cared for are being fought for on the national level, has said he may oppose Republican Sen. Mike DeWine in 2006.

On the other side, Book has said he may seek Ohio's 2nd Congressional District House of Representatives seat that was vacated when Rob Portman was appointed by President George W. Bush as U.S. trade representative. Though this does not include our county, it does include much of southern Ohio including Clermont, Scioto, Brown and Adams counties.

Both Book and Strickland have deep roots in southern Ohio and would be able to take our needs, issues and concerns to the nation's capital.

We would love to keep Book in the state but it is important to have some of our best and brightest fighting for us in Washington. Strickland has already been there as a representative for years and now it is logical that he take the next step. Both would make southern Ohio proud.

If they do decide to make the push, both men will face stiff competition, but we feel that southern Ohioans would rally around the legislators and do what is right for the entire region. Many of their opponents would be the big-city politicians, and as we saw during the 2004 presidential election, the rural vote counts and carries plenty of weight.

We don't know if either candidate will even make the attempt for a change and we don't know if either will be successful. But we do know that you can't hit a home run if you don't swing for the fences.

So, keep swinging. Southern Ohio is rooting for you.