Four-day crime sweep nets meth labs, other busts

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2005

SCIOTO COUNTY - A multi-agency law enforcement task force confiscated thousands of dollars worth of drugs and busted two methamphetamine laboratories during a four-day crime sweep through Scioto County.

The task force included numerous agencies through the Jackson District of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, including troopers from the

Patrol's Ironton post.

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"This is one of several (crime sweeps) we have run over the course of two or three months," said Lt. Carl Roark, commander of the Ironton post.

"This is a district-wide effort. We were in Scioto County last week. We will move to where ever we think there is a need."

During the four-day sweep, officers confiscated 5,806 grams of marijuana with an estimated street value of $29,030; 883 grams of cocaine with an estimated street value of $8,281; 154 grams of crack cocaine with an estimated street value of $23,100. two grams of meth and 926 pills; 23 firearms; two meth

labs; three vehicles and $18,402 cash.

While meth has not been the problem in Lawrence County that it is in other places, Roark said area residents should be aware of meth and its potential for danger and know what to look for if they should encounter a meth lab. He stressed that meth labs can be set up in ordinary kitchens, the back of cars - nearly anywhere -increasing the potential for danger to the public.

"Everyone should be aware of the potential danger of meth as a substance that is made and used illegally by many abusers. I think it is not a secret that people have used pseudoephedrine as an ingredient in meth," Roark said.

"Everyone should be aware of the potential danger of meth and if they find something that looks suspicious, know to use caution around it."

In addition, 29 drivers were cited for operating a motor vehicle while impaired. The drug sweep took place from April 28 to May 1.