Prestige delivers new shipping business to south Ironton

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thanks to a new business opening later this month in Ironton, some local businesses will have a new option for their delivery needs and a few locals may be able to find a new job.

Prestige Delivery Systems Inc. has been in business since 1986. They offer same-day delivery services, as well as scheduled regular deliveries. Some of their main delivery staples are pharmaceuticals and office supplies.

One of Prestige's more than 30 locations is in Ashland, Ky., but manager of that location Kip Jenkins said that they've outgrown that branch's building.

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As a result, Prestige is opening up a new location in Ironton, on the 400 block of Ashtabula Street, in a location formerly occupied by Jan-Care Ambulance Service.

The location has loading docks and loads of parking space, making it a perfect fit for a delivery service, which is appropriate, as that's what the building was originally designed for in 1988.

Jenkins said that the move to Ironton will create some jobs, though only a handful.

Jenkins said it is a possibility that as their Ironton business expands they will have more job openings, however most of their workforce is made up of independent contractors.

Though the company may not be creating many openings, they will be bringing a few dozen workers from Ashland to Ironton, which Jenkins said could mean more dollars for the city.

"By having the workforce over there that I have, I think with people being independent contractors, they'll be purchasing fuel in the area, people will be having lunches," Jenkins said. "You're probably looking at 30 or 40 people fueling, eating and shopping in Ironton."

In addition to the money being spent at local businesses, Prestige workers (independently contracted or not) will be paying some payroll taxes, which will mean more money in the city coffers.

The Ironton Port Authority has been an instrumental part of bringing Prestige Delivery into Lawrence County, but Rob Slagel, Vice Chairman of the Port Authority, gave a lot of credit to one of the building's owners, Ed Rambacher.

Slagel said that while they may not create a lot of jobs initially, Prestige is another feather in Ironton's cap.

"We're really tickled to have Prestige moving into Ironton," Slagel said. "While they may not be a big employer, it's another success story for Ironton, and that helps get our name into the business world."

Prestige will start moving into the building on May 20, and expects to begin operations on May 23.