Dream cakes: Business hits sweet spot

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2005

HECLA - One wall of Ironton bakery Dreamscicles is lined with character cake pans, advertising Spider-Man, Elmo and Barbie in icing. On the opposite wall are supplies for the skilled baker, all gourmet tools of the trade.

Its a little like the shop itself, a serious bakery that likes to have a bit of fun.

Gidget Cade opened the shop, at 3387 State Route 141, earlier this month, after the mother of two and admitted perfectionist had become tired of buying bakery treats that weren't "just right."

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She thought that other mothers shared her frustration, and she was willing to bet her business on it.

Before she could open her shop, she put herself through culinary cross training, taking several different cooking classes to make herself the best baker she could be.

When crafting new recipes to use at the shop, Cade went back to her childhood to create a cake that has become her signature, a Dreamscicle cake based on her favorite frozen treat. It became her shop's namesake.

She thought the name would be a perfect fit, not just in honor of the cake, but also because the shop had been a dream of hers for so long.

Finally, the big day came, a surprisingly busy Monday after which Cade suffered the best kind of breakdown.

"When we opened up, it was horrible because we didn't expect the response from people in the area, we didn't expect to be quite so busy," Cade said.

"So at 10 o'clock Monday night I was laying in the floor back there crying because everything was sold out, all my cookie dough, all my cakes and pies, everything was gone and I had to get ready for the second day."

In addition to selling out of pies and cakes, Cade also offers classes in cake creation.

Cade said that she just wants to give other mothers the thrill she has when she makes her own cake for her children's parties, but she admits that there are some side benefits.

"We have a ball, it's kind of a little sanctuary for women to kind of get away from husbands and children, and have one evening a week that they come for a couple of hours and kick back and enjoy themselves," Cade said. "We have a really good time."

Dreamscicles can be reached at (740) 532-8599 for more information on signing up for classes.