Looking ahead to next year

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2005

CHESAPEAKE - The students of Chesapeake Elementary School took one last field trip Tuesday - to visit their new school.

The new Chesapeake Elementary School is ready for students to attend next fall. Before students begin their summer vacation, Principal Jack Finch took the students on a tour of their new building.

"It was colorful," 9-year-old Taylor Bane said. Bane said the best part of the new school was the gymnasium.

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Many of the students said they were excited about starting the year in the new building. The school is bright and colorful. The enclosed courtyard area was very popular among the visiting students, and many were overwhelmed by the size of the school.

"It's big and it's easy to get lost in," 9-year-old Logan Huff said.

Huff said he likes the new school and is most excited that there is a water fountain and sink in every room.

Students are not the only ones who are looking forward to the new school, teachers at the elementary are also excited about the change. Third-grade teacher

Beverly Tillis said they have been looking forward to the school being finished and she cannot wait.

Tillis said the colorful environment will be inspirational and uplifting for the students.

"It's a beautiful place for the kids to start school," Tillis said. "Not only the building, but what will be going on inside the building."

Although students and teachers are looking forward to enjoying their new school, they will have to wait until next fall to give it a test run. A formal open house for parents and the community to view the new school will be in August before the start of the new school year.