LCSO launches sex offender Internet site

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Most people do not realize that 58 registered sex offenders live in Lawrence County.

Now, a new Internet tool will help concerned citizens keep track of sex offenders in their neighborhood or near their schools.

The Web site, launched by the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, allows citizens to get information about sex offenders in their area and to sign up for e-mail alerts should such a person move into a one-mile radius of their neighborhood. The Web site address is

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"It is important, in lieu of recent events throughout our nation, that everyone visit the web site to understand who is in your neighborhood," Sexton said. "This new Internet based technology does allow Lawrence County citizens to be aware of offenders who may move into their neighborhood.

"The National Bureau of Justice statistics tells us that 45 percent of the victims of sex abuse crimes are under 12 years old. My ultimate goal is to protect any child from being a victim of abuse," Sexton said.

The database includes such information as the sex offender's name, photograph and a physical description of the individual as well as maps of the area around the sex offender's address.

The email alert service, powered by a system acquired from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, marks the first time Ohio citizens will receive the same level of access to the database that was once only used by law enforcement agencies, Sexton said in a prepared media release.

Those who want to sign up for the e-mail alerts may do so by visiting the Web site.