Eagles donates money to sheriff#039;s office

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It will be a move to the 21st century.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is getting some new computer equipment, compliments of the Eagles Aerie 895.

The Ironton Eagles organization donated $4,1181.55 this week to help pay for nine new, flat-screen monitors and four new printers. The new equipment will replace old equipment that should have been scrapped long ago, sheriff's deputies said.

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"The equipment we have now is old, years old," deputy Brenda Wilson said. "It keeps breaking down and we keep having to fix it. Plus, our desks are not computer desks. The big old screens we have take up so much room we don't have room to write."

Eagles Aerie 895

secretary George Stamper said the Ironton club donated nearly $70,000 to the sheriff's office, the Ironton police and fire departments and to the city of Ironton last year for much needed equipment.

"Our motto is 'people helping people' and this (new equipment) helps all of Lawrence County, not just a few people but everybody," Stamper said.