Mock Draft

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

DALLAS (KRT) - Here is a prediction of Tuesday's NBA draft by David Moore:

1. Milwaukee Bucks - Andrew Bogut, 7-0, Utah - Best player ever to come from Down Under.

2. Atlanta Hawks - Marvin Williams, 6-9, North Carolina - Put him next to Josh Smith and people may actually start to fill the seats.

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3. Portland Trail Blazers - Deron Williams, 6-3, Illinois - Only happens if Utah or Toronto jump into this spot. Otherwise, think Gerald Green.

4. New Orleans Hornets - Chris Paul, 6-0, Wake Forest - Helps club to move on from Baron Davis fiasco.

5. Charlotte Bobcats - Gerald Green, 6-8, Gulf Shores Academy - It's not bad being known as the second coming of Tracy McGrady.

6. Utah Jazz - Martell Webster, 6-7, Seattle Prep - Shooting should allow him to have a bigger impact early than Green.

7. Toronto Raptors - Danny Granger, 6-8, New Mexico - The sort of competitor coach Sam Mitchell demands.

8. New York Knicks - Channing Frye, 6-11, Arizona - Need a big body since Kurt Thomas is on his way to Phoenix.

9. Golden State Warriors - Hakim Warrick, 6-9, Syracuse - Team needs skill players, not another big body up front.

10. LA Lakers - Andrew Bynum, 7-0, St. Joseph HS - Hard to imagine he goes this high, but more and more people say it will happen.

11. Orlando Magic - Raymond Felton, 6-1, North Carolina - Will allow Magic to move Steve Francis off the ball to shooting guard.

12. LA Clippers - Antoine Wright, 6-7, Texas A&M - Some believe this spot as been promised to Yaroslav Korolev.

13. Charlotte Bobcats - Charlie Villanueva, 6-11, Connecticut - Club really wants to combine this pick with No. 5 to jump into position to take Chris Paul.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves - Fran Vazquez, 6-10, Spain - Begun to slip in recent days and could slip even more.

15. New Jersey Nets - Sean May, 6-9, North Carolina - There are more talented perimeter players available, but the Nets need size up front.

16. Toronto Raptors - Roko Ukic, 6-5, Croatia - More and more teams are enamored with his upside as the draft draws near.

17. Indiana Pacers - Yaroslav Korolev, 6-9, Russia - If he's not here, Francisco Garcia is a possibility.

18. Boston Celtics - Ersan Ilyasova, 6-9, Turkey - Word is the Celtics would love to have Ukic, but he may not be around.

19. Memphis Grizzlies - Francisco Garcia, 6-7, Louisville - Jerry West has been known to pull a surprise or two, and Kennedy Winston could be one here.

20. Denver Nuggets - Ike Diogu, 6-8, Arizona State - No way he slips past the next three picks.

21. Phoenix Suns - Johan Petro, 7-0, France - Like Garcia, but if he's gone the Suns wouldn't mind taking Petro and leaving him overseas for another year.

22. Denver Nuggets - Monta Ellis, 6-3, Lanier HS - Since coach George Karl doesn't like to play rookies, it's hard to imagine the Nuggets keep both of these picks.

23. Sacramento Kings - Rashad McCants, 6-4, North Carolina - Some teams don't even have him on their first round board because of his personality.

24. Houston Rockets - Andray Blatche, 6-11, South Kent Prep - The Rockets need to put an athletic forward next to Yao Ming, and he's the most athletic of the bunch at this stage.

25. Seattle SuperSonics - Jarrett Jack, 6-3, Georgia Tech - Julius Hodge is another name you hear here.

26. Detroit Pistons - Joey Graham, 6-7, Oklahoma State - Would upgrade a thin bench.

27. Utah Jazz - Julius Hodge, 6-7, North Carolina State - Unlikely the Jazz still has this pick when all is said and done.

28. San Antonio Spurs - Wayne Simien, 6-9, Kansas - Undersized, but a tough player who can contribute and would buy into the Spurs system.

29. Miami Heat - David Lee, 6-9, Florida - Smart player who will set picks for Dwyane Wade and move without the ball.

30. New York Knicks - Mile Ilic, 7-1, Bosnia-Herzegovina - When in doubt - or when it's late in the first round - go big.

On the bubble: These players have a chance to crack the first round, in no particular order. Martynas Andriuskevicius, 7-2, Lithuania; Chris Taft, Pittsburgh, 6-10, Pittsburgh; Ryan Gomes, 6-7, Providence; C.J. Miles, 6-6, Skyline HS; Nate Robinson, 5-9, Washington; Luther Head, 6-3, Illinois.