Yard sales produce odd collection

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It is said that one person's trash is another person's treasure. But, what happens when the second person never finds the trash? That is when objects start to fall through the cracks of the yard sale business and become - Ironton's Most Un-Wanted.

Cow-shaped Music Box

Owner: Teresa Moretto.

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Hidden talent: Plays a haunting version of "Frere Jacques" when key is turned.

Terrible secret: Has a mute twin that can't play anything.

Breed: Holstein, more than likely.

Origin: "These were both given to me. I have a lot of music boxes and I decided to


these out," Moretto said.

Price: A steal at $2. Strangely, the muted twin was the same price.

Two Ceramic Containers

Owners: Brittany, Lisa and Brooke Fradd

Odd Inscriptions: MB 1980

Identity of "MB": Unknown

Being sold to: Purchase bathing suits for the Fradd girls.

Use, according to Lisa Fradd: "I have no idea, you want to tell me?"

Use, according to Brittany Fradd: "They're just jars!"

Price: Just 75 cents.

Mystery Shelf

Owner: Jamie Murphy.

Origin: A complete and total mystery.

Use: "I have no idea what this is, it looks like it had a purpose," Murphy said. "I don't know, but I'm out here selling it."

"Is it a game?"

asked Ellen Smith of Cincinnati, who was helping with the sale.

"I have no idea," Murphy said.

Price: The mystery shelf cost a dollar, which could be too low or too high, depending on what the item actually is.

Aztec Calendar

Owner: Once again, Jamie Murphy.

Origin: Brought for Murphy after she visited Mexico by a friend who was assured that the calendar was Mexican.

Use: It is a reproduction of the Aztec Calendar, or Sun Stone, one of the best-known symbols of Mexico.

Times calendar has been used to calculate the date: Zero.

Price: One dollar, or roughly 10 pesos.

Blowfish Sippy-Cup

Owner: 3-year-old Keely Adams

Origin: It was received during Keely's 2004 Vacation Bible School.

Owner's feelings on parting with prized cup: "She doesn't know," mother Julie Adams said - quietly.

Most ironic feature: It's a blowfish Š that is sucked on.

Out-of-Order Organ

Owner: Peggy Ison

Origin: Purchased by a friend of Ison's at their mother's estate sale in Columbus.

Reason it was put out to pasture: "I've had it about 10 years, and I never did learn to play it, so I figured it was time to get rid of it," Ison said.

Price: Originally $300, then lowered to $20.

Reason for the price drop: "I guess one of the tubes were jarred loose (in the organ,) when I moved it, because now I can't get it to work."