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Suspension has Rogers singing the blues

The Gambler was a great song. It made Kenny Rogers a household name. It was even bigger than "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town," his first big hit.

Whoops. Wrong Kenny Rogers.

The Kenny Rogers in the news last week was the pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Already not speaking to the media this season because of a spring training report he threatened to retire if he did not get a contract extension, Rogers became furious with a visiting cameraman in town to film a "fluff" bit on the Rangers good season.

Rogers the pitcher yelled at the cameraman and smashed his camera. The cameraman was injured and taken to the hospital. He has filed an assault reports against Rogers.

The unwarranted actions

drew not only a 20-day suspension from Major League Baseball but a $50,000 fine as well.

The day before this incident, Rogers ordered cameras turned off around him in the clubhouse.

Rogers has been out for two weeks with a broken bone in his non-pitching hand. After a bad inning against Washington, a bunch of water coolers apparently were heckling Rogers who punched one and broke his hand. He threw the other water cooler gang members around in the dugout.

Fortunately, none of the water cooler gang members has decided to press charges although manager Buck Showalter has had trouble keeping his cool.

But maybe the famous singer Kenny Rogers could team up with Kenny Rogers the famous ill-tempered pitcher for another hit song. It could be like the song "Coward of the County." I can hear it now …

Cretin of the Clubhouse

Ev'ryone considered him the cretin of the clubhouse.

He'd never stood one single time to answer the press line.

His mama named him Kenny, the fans just called him whiner.

And something always told me they were reading Kenny right.

He turned 40-years old when he asked for an extension.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks said he must be half insane.

He threw a fit and said he'd quit and live on his nice pension.

But when his wife showed him the bills he knew he'd pitch again.

Chorus: I promise you Buck, not to punch a cameraman.

To walk away from writers when I can.

It won't mean I'm weak when I say kiss my other cheek.

I don't care if the press just can't understand

Sometimes I'm a big jerk of a man.

One day he was stretching when the cameramen came callin'

They took turns filming, just doing what they were told.

But Kenny pitched a tirade and they found themselves a-sprawling.

He said 'Get out you bleep bleeps," as he knocked the last one cold.

(Chorus, then sing the last line slowly)

Ev'reyone considered him the cretin of the clubhouse.

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.