Hackathorn, McWilliams, Bretz win at Rocky Top#039;s July 4th weekend

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

COAL GROVE - The fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend at Rocky Top Raceway were on the track.

With a competitive field assembled, the races were delayed by a two-hour rain that created a lightning fast and smooth track when racing resumed.

At the start of the late model A-main, Josh Bocook took the lead into turn one on the outside of Bill Bocook and came to the line to lead the 19-car field to lap one.

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With the Bocooks running one-two, the battle for third heated up on lap two as coming out of turn four, Kenny Christy got to the inside of Dave Hackathorn.

While racing hard for third, the two made contact with Hackathorn, spinning to the infield. Christy pulled off with problems.

Hackathorn got his spot back on the restart. Unfortunately, a big pileup occured in turn four as

Terry Hicks, Josh McGuire, Tony Rubey and Jim Fields were involved.

McGuire pulled off and Hicks was charged with the caution. Another tough break occured a couple of laps later as fifth place starter Joe Ramey had problems.

On the lap five restart, the battle for third went two-wide between Hackathorn, Randy Boggs and Corey McKenzie as now leader Josh Bocook was in traffic on lap 10.

In the battle for third, Hackathorn finally was able to clear Boggs on lap 12 and then he would set his sights on the leaders.

With Bill Bocook only a few car lengths behind Josh Bocook in second, while working traffic, a lap car got into the side of Bill and caused him to spin into the infield. Bill Bocook got his position back but that would bunch up the field

and erase the lead the two Bocooks had on the rest of the field.

On the restart, Hackathorn looked to the high side and got by Bill Bocook to take second into turn three and coming out of turn four kept the momentum up high and got by Josh Bocook to take the lead on lap 15.

Hackathorn started to pull away until a caution came out on lap 18, making it a two-lap dash to the checkers.

On the restart, with Hackathorn up high, Josh Bocook looked low into three and four and was side-by-side for the lead. He was not be able to make the pass as Hackathorn pulled away to come home and get the big win, the first of the season for him at Rocky Top.

Josh Bocook finished second with Bill Bocook in third. Hicks finished fourth while Boggs was fifth. Bill Bocook won the dash race while Hicks and Boggs won heat races.

In the Modified A-Main, Greg Thompson gott the lead into turn one on the outside of polesitter Jason Perry to lead lap one. Unfortunately, coming to complete lap one, Mike Mays crashed hard on the frontstretch.

Mays was uninjured but was done for the evening. When racing resumed, sixth-place starter Todd Robinson moved up to fourth while Eddie Harmon started a charge up to the front.

On lap two, David McWilliams would get to the inside of Jason Perry to get second. The next lap McWilliams was side-by-side for the lead with Thompson. The two continued side-by-side as now Harmon moved up to fifth. On lap five, still side-by-side with Thompson up high and McWilliams down low, a lapped car came down and made contact with Thompson and forced him out.

On the restart, McWilliams continued with the lead and started to pull away. Meanwhile, some of the best racing of the evening occured behind the leader as Robinson and Perry went side-by-side for second and Harmon and David Fitzpatrick went side-by-side for fourth.

Amazingly, those battles would continue side-by-side for the next nine laps with McWilliams leading. On lap 14, Perry was running second but slipped up a little coming out of turn two as Robinson got under him and take the second position.

Meanwhile, nobody had anything for McWilliams as he came to the line to take his fifth win of the season at Rocky Top with Robinson in second and Perry in third. Harmon and Fitzpatrick would remain side-by-side as coming to the line Harmon would get fourth by inches over Fitzpatrick. Thompson, McWilliams and Perry were heat race winners.

In the Bomber A-Main, Jeremie Bretz and Brett Carey would go side-by-side for the lead at the start. They would remain side-by-side as even a few times Davey Dunn would peak to the inside and make the battle for the lead three wide.

With Carey and Bretz side-by-side, fifth-place starter Conard Newman moved up to third. Still side-by-side for the lead, Bretz would finally be able to clear Carey on lap seven. On lap nine, Newman continued his move to the front as he would get by Carey for second.

Newman just didn't have enough to get alongside for the lead as Bretz took his fourth feature win of the season at Rocky Top over Newman in second, Carey in third, Dunn in fourth, and Jim Fout in fifth. Bretz and Carey were heat race winners.