Proctorville Police to publish fines list

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

PROCTORVILLE - If you have a traffic citation that you have not paid, you may want to get that taken care of - soon.

The Proctorville Police Department is planning on publishing a list of people who have delinquent fines for traffic offenses. The list of citations and fines will be published in the near future, Proctorville Police Chief Tony Williams said.

"This is not to degrade anyone's credibility as a respectable Lawrence County citizen, or the surrounding area," he said. "Some individuals think a citation or license suspension is some sort of inconvenience or harassment, but we have procedures that go by Ohio state law."

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Williams said this was one area village officials and the police department have looked at to serve the community better.

Other states including Kentucky and West Virginia publish lists of offenders or have camera-equipped red lights that take photos of vehicles which run them.

Williams said the department is looking at new avenues to improve public relations. The police department is comprised of three officers: Williams, Sgt. William Murphy and Patrolman Harry Rood.

"The duties of an officer are very hard physically and mentally, I'd rather do this every month than have situations get out of hand when an officer knocks on someone's door," Williams said.