Sweet tooths pay big bucks for 4-H treats

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

ROME TOWNSHIP - When is a plate of chocolate chip cookies worth $400?

When it is being sold at the annual Sweet Tooth Auction at the Lawrence County Fair which took place Monday afternoon.

With just five baked goods to sell this year, the auction still managed to break the previous record of $1,500 with a grand total of $1,575.

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Monies raised at the auction will be donated to the 4-H Teen Leaders, who also baked the treats for the event.

Rachel Mootz baked the infamous cookies that raised $400 by being purchased and re-donated twice.

Although she was flattered, Mootz knew it was not solely her culinary skill that nabbed the high-price for her goodies.

"The sponsors are really good to support our team leaders," Mootz said.

Teen Leader Jessi Herrell knows that community spirit plays a part in the high-priced confections, but she suspects there may also be some friendly competition involved.

"They like to see the kids out here, and they like to see the kids involved," Herrell said. "Š and I think they have a good time bidding against each other too, seeing who can pay the most."

The Teen Leaders are a branch of the F-H that does charitable work throughout the county.

Some of the monies raised will be used to help fund the Teen Leaders training exercises, according to 16-year-old Kelsey Howard who baked a dirt cake and a "dreamscicle" cake for the auction.

"We've been to some Teen Leader conferences," Howard said. "We're just learning how to be better leaders, and how to get out there and spread the word about 4-H."

The rest of the proceeds from the auction will go towards the Teen Leaders' charitable work. Last year that included hosting day camps and buying Christmas presents for needy children.