Fair celebrates best of county way of life

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 17, 2005

With thousands of man - and woman - hours invested in the Lawrence County Fair, the payoff is tremendous.

Lots of folks think of the fair and they only see the rides, events and food in their minds.

The fair offers many things to many people - from cravings for traditional fair foods to the desire to witness the excitement of the motorized nightly events such as the demolition derby, motorcross and tractor pulls.

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We think the fair is much more than just a good time, it is part of what makes Lawrence County such a special place in which to live and call home.

Through groups such as the 4-H clubs and the Future Farmers of America organization, the youth in our county learn value skills that are celebrated and rewarded at the fair.

The young men and women who raise animals, grow crops or build projects to compete at the fair learn organizational skills, dedication and more.

Think today's youth do not possess the responsibility shown when you were young?

Think again.

Many of the students who raise animals spend hours and hours working with the animals and caring for them. That might mean sleeping in the barn when the temperatures drop or when the animals are sick.

Spend a few minutes talking with these students and you'll generally find some of the most well-behaved, polite young people around.

The countless parents and fair volunteers who help teach the students and coach them through the projects also deserve our thanks for helping preserve a traditional way of life and instilling good, traditional values in their children.

Today, workers will begin cleaning up after this year's fair. Almost as soon as the fairgrounds are cleaned up, the group of dedicated fair board members will begin planning for next year's event.

Soon the next generation of county youth will begin planning for next year's competition, hoping to win a prize and the fame that goes with knowing hard work can pay off.