Quantity vs. Quality? For jobs, not a debate

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Quantity or quality? Which is better

is an age-old argument. Truly, it depends on the subject about which you are talking.

Some people may prefer to have lots of friends rather than just one or two really good ones. Others may prefer to have lots of options in their life as opposed to just a few.

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When it comes to bringing jobs to Ironton and Lawrence County, we urge economic leaders to opt for quality over the alternative. Choosing the right businesses to come to our communities must never take a backseat to just getting someone here. The Ironton Port Authority, the Lawrence County Port Authority, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and other groups are working diligently to attract businesses to fill vacant buildings across the region.

We would love to see hundreds of new jobs come to town but we hope these will be quality jobs offered by a reputable company that will be a good citizen for many years to come. While not referring to anything specific, we just think it is important to be thinking about the big picture instead of falling in love with short-term gains.

Lawrence County needs companies that will be here for the long haul and will become a part of the community. Look no further than Liebert Corporation for a shining example.

The company employs hundreds with high-paying jobs that include benefits but it is the extra-curricular activities which truly make the company stand out.

Each year, Liebert spends thousands of dollars and countless man-hours on a variety of projects all designed to make the county a better place to work, live and play.

The county needs more companies like Liebert so that all the communities and the citizens can stand together and look toward the bright future we know exists.

So, as our leaders work toward marketing our county, we urge residents to be patient and not expect overnight results. And to those leaders, we ask that they also show patience and choose the right companies to come here, though that may mean passing on a few less than desirable options early in the recruiting process.

Lawrence County deserves the best jobs, not just the most, when it comes to providing for our future.