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City plans to sweep dirt away

Those who have been frustrated by having to move cars for Ironton's new street sweeper will be happy to know that the city has released a sweeping schedule residents can rely on beginning Monday.

John Haskins, superintendent of waste water treatment,

is required by the Environmental Protection Agency to have a regular sweeping schedule, but he said there's a much better reason than that.

"If we can cover the area and stay on a schedule, then there won't be that large build-up of material that we run into," Haskins said. "We'll keep cleaning up a little bit every time, if your appearance improves, then people will start taking pride back in their property and their town, and it will help in that way too."

In this new schedule, residents can expect their streets to be swept every two weeks.

One area of the city that will be getting some extra attention will be the downtown area, which will be cleaned Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.

"There seems to be a lot more material downtown, especially during the summertime," Haskins said. "With that being the business district, we'll try to make sure we hit it every day."

The schedule for the rest of the city has been divided between the odd and even sides of streets so residents will still have somewhere convenient to park.

The sweeping schedule will be set into place Monday. For simplicity's sake, we've listed the first date each group of streets will be swept. Residents can count on their streets being swept every other week after that date.

Streets between the eastern edge of town and McGovney Street:

Even addresses: Monday of the first week. (July 25)

Odd addresses: Tuesday of the first week. (July 26)

Streets between McGovney and Hepler streets:

Even addresses: Wednesday of the first week. (July 27)

Odd addresses: Thursday of the first week. (July 28)

Streets between Hepler and Monroe streets:

Even addresses: Friday of the first week. (July 29)

Odd addresses: Monday of the second week. (Aug. 1)

Between Monroe Street and railroad tracks, Indian Hills region, and Storms Creek Road:

Even addresses: Tuesday of the second week. (Aug. 2)

Odd addresses: Wednesday of the second week. (Aug. 3)

From Railroad Street to Hanging Rock, and portions of the city north of U.S. 52:

Even addresses: Thursday of the second week. (Aug. 4)

Odd addresses: Friday of the second week. (Aug. 5)