Move over dogs, goats may soon be man#039;s best friend

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

Dogs had better start watching their backs, goats are moving in on their pet territory.

That seems to be the consensus from a couple of the dairy and pack goat competitors.

"They're big pets," said Kaitlin Huddle, who won four of the nine first place awards at the production goat show Friday.

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That is why the 17-year-old shows her goats.

"They're my pets and I found out I could do this so I get to show them too," Huddle said.

Her sister, 13-year-old Kelsey Huddle, began showing three years ago because their goats have never been separated.

"Our goats are brother and sister, so once she took hers, I had to take mine," Kelsey Huddle said.

What really started the sisters into the world of owning goats when Kaitlin Huddle's desire to do something different.

"I always wanted goats and no one in my family had them," she said. "It was just something to start."

Like the Huddles, the Keathleys started with one sibling's interest and the younger followed suit.

Fourteen-year-old Jessica Keathley, who got the other five of nine first-place awards, said she got her first goat for her birthday. The person she got the goat from showed them so she said she decided to try it.

The next year, her brother Johnathan Keathley, 9, began showing as well.

Jessica Keathley said she would not change from dairy goats for two reasons.

"They're better than meat goats," Jessica Keathley said. "They're nicer and you don't have to sell them. We can bring them back next year."

Keathley said she is not in it for the money anyway. Jessica Keathley said she wants the trophies.

Kaitlin Huddle disagrees, for her it is not about the money or trophies, she said she just likes to show off her pet and have fun.

Kaitlin Huddle received first places for senior dairy goat skillathon, senior dairy goat showmanship, pack goat and costume; second places for dairy kid and dairy goat production doe. Jessica Keathley received first places for junior dairy goat skillathon, junior dairy goat showmanship, dairy kid, dry yearling dairy goat and dairy goat production goat. Johnathan Keathley received second places for junior dairy goat skillathon and dry yearling dairy goat and third place for junior dairy goat showmanship. Kelsey Huddle received second places for junior dairy goat showmanship and pack goat. Amanda Stoodts received second place for senior dairy goat showmanship and Tara Wailer received second for costume.