Adelphia offers digital video recording

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Not a fan of commercials? Skip them. Love singer Clay Aiken? Watch his video again. Tired of missing a minute of "24"? Not a problem.

Being able to pause, play and record live television would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago, but it's now a reality for Ironton-area Adelphia Cable subscribers.

Beginning immediately, subscribers can use a digital video recorder (DVR) and begin experiencing one of the hottest trends in television.

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With the DVR connected - after a $25 installation - viewers can pause television programs, rewind them and even save favorites to play again and again.

Using an internal hard drive, the DVR allows viewers to save favorite programs for later viewings - around 50 to 60 hours worth - when they air, or setting the box to record a whole season of a favorite show.

With the service, it's also possible to pause a show until the viewer is ready to watch, to answer a phone call for example, or view key bits in slow motion.

"Adelphia has made a significant investment in our network and support systems so that we can deliver the best services available," said general manager Mark Ganley in a written statement. "DVRs allow our customers to take control of their TV viewing."

Of course, taking control comes at a price. In addition to the installation fee, the combination of the DVR box will run customers $12.90 a month, about the same as comparable competitor TiVo.

The DVR replaces a standard digital cable box, so customers who are currently spending $4.50 a month on their box can expect a hike of only $8.40 in their bill.

Anyone interested in setting up the service or who have more questions can reach Adelphia at 1-877-DVR-2DAY (1-877-387-2329).