Solar company teams with city port authority

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2005

If Todd Miller has his way, the city of Ironton will soon be seeing the light Š and using it to power their buildings.

The CEO and founder of Soulsolar LLC has formed a partnership with the Ironton Port Authority to attempt to bring renewable energy - and the jobs that come with it - to the city.

Miller was at Monday night's port authority meeting, letting the group in on some of the businesses he has been contacting, attempting to create enthusiasm for solar energy.

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"We just want to get them on board, to have some businesses in the area say 'we accept this, of course we'd be on board because it will bring jobs to the area,'" Miller said. "Why wouldn't a solar company come to the area if businesses have accepted solar?"

Miller mentioned the new fire station as a candidate for joining the 40 fire stations across the state that are receiving solar thermal units. Miller has also been encouraging Liebert, Park Avenue Apartments and the Ohio Department of Transportation to begin exploring solar power.

What Miller hopes is that by raising the enthusiasm for solar power, he'll be able to attract makers of solar paneling and solar panel installers to the area.

Miller is a staunch believer in renewable energy, both for the ecological benefits, as well as its industrial possibilities.

"It's the ability to bring this kind of job to the area," Miller said. "This is the technology of the future. A lot of state money is being put into this, this is something the government is pushing heavily. It's something that's going to help our energy dependence, and help to clear up global warming."

Recently, the solar advocate has been winning people in high places to his cause.

U.S. Congressman Ted Strickland recently sent Miller a letter supporting Miller in his efforts to bring solar power collection to the Ironton-Lawrence County area.