Chairman won#039;t run for city council

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thirty years of public service may soon be coming to an end.

Jim Tordiff, current chairman of the Ironton City Council, said he doesn't think he'll be running for his seat in November.

Tordiff, who has battled health problems this year, is a former mayor, finance director and a long-time city council member.

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"With the heart attack I had, I'm really looking at slowing my life down a bit, instead of having so much going on," Tordiff said. "So I really don't think that I'm going to file."

The past few months have been stormy for the council, with a battle waged over a proposed municipal fee, and the installation of a controversial stormwater utility fee.

Despite the troubles, Tordiff said he thinks he'll occasionally miss his days in city government.

"At times, I'm sure I will miss it," Tordiff said. "But we need to get some other people interested, maybe some fresh ideas. The city's at a real crossroads, but there's some good things on the horizon."

Tordiff's seat is one of four that will become available in this year's election. The positions of councilmen Bill Nenni, Brent Pyles and Robert Isaac will also be up for grabs. Nenni said he plans to run again, Isaac hasn't decided and Pyles was unavailable for comment.

Currently, only one candidate has filed for the 2005 election, a political newcomer, Leo Johnson.

The deadline to file for this year's elections is August 25.

As the councilmember with the most votes in the 2003 election, Chuck O'Leary will become the council chairman next year.