Parents deal with mixed emotions

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 29, 2005

Parents peeled off from Kingsbury Elementary at different speeds on this, the first day of school.

Some left as soon as classes began, saying "goodbye" to happy children, and continuing on their way. Some lingered for a few minutes, dry the tears of weeping children, and maybe a few of their own.

Still more roamed the hallways, walking repeatedly past the open doors to classrooms, hoping to catch furtive glances of their tots embarking on that great adventure that is the first day of school.

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Heather Thompson and Sharon Thompson were dropping off Heather's daughter Kali, a first grader, and niece Cheyenne Mace, a second grader.

"They were anxious, they couldn't go to sleep last night, they were up till 2 a.m.," Heather said. "They were very cranky, they usually get up about noon."

Though Sharon said that they would miss the children, she couldn't help but find a small silver lining.

"We were more anxious than them," Sharon said with a sly laugh.

Brenda Thompson (no relation to Heather and Sharon) had to say goodbye to her sons, Jack and Jake.

Jake was starting his first year at Kingsbury.

Thompson said that Jake was a little unsure about the new school, but neither of the boys could wait to get started.

"They were great, very excited," Thompson said. "Jacob was a little nervous, it's his first year here, at this school, but they were fine, they were happy."

Though the boys were cheerful (neither ever cried on the first day) Thompson's feelings weren't that simple.

"It's a mix of emotions," Thompson said. "I hate it that summer's over, but I'm excited that they're going back."

It is the great paradox of the first day of school: Parents have to coax their children to go, but once they're gone, it is the parent who start to have worries.

As the parents departed, Sharon seemed cheered that, if nothing else, her little girl was happy in this strange new world.

"Kali said this morning, 'I used to not like school, but now I see all my friends here, and it's not a bad place,'" Sharon said.

Ironton, Rock Hill, South Point, Chesapeake, Symmes Valley and St. Joseph Catholic School all returned to school today.

Fairland schools returned Thursday.

Dawson-Bryant students will return next Friday because delays during renovations at the schools.