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Vehicle break-ins: Your stuff can be gone in 60 seconds

Theft. It is, perhaps, the most commonly reported crime in Lawrence County.

Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton said his deputies are seeing numerous instances where items have been stolen from cars parked at the victim's residence

"Almost every vehicle broken into has a common theme," Sexton said. "The vehicle is unlocked and the items were in plain view. Thefts of items such as purses, checkbooks, laptops, loose change and cameras have occurred and the items have been stolen from unlocked cars at residential driveways."

Sexton suggested several ways residents can deter such thefts:

4Install motion detector lights around the home and near the driveway to deter theft.

4Keep car windows rolled up and doors locked - install a car alarm.

4Do not have valuables in plain view inside of a car. "This is a sure invitation to a potential thief," Sexton said.

4Report instances of people walking late at night in your neighborhood or slow moving vehicles circling your neighborhood.

4Park as close to the residence as possible.

Sexton said his staff is available for crime prevention presentations. Interested citizens or groups may call his office at (740) 532-3525.