Ironton residents get chance to tour Jackson High School

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ironton Fighting Tigers fans who are interested in seeing first-hand what a new school looks like will get a chance Friday evening before the Tigers' football game against Jackson.

Jackson City Schools officials will offer a tour of their new high school beginning at 5 p.m. Friday at the school.

"That time will allow people to still get to the game and get good seats," said Ironton City Schools Superintendent Dean Nance.

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The tour came about after proponents of an Ironton tax levy to build new schools asked the Jackson district if a tour could be arranged.

"It was suggested by different people, by several people," Nance said. "They asked if we would have an opportunity if we could go inside and see their new school."

"(The Jackson officials) said 'sure.' They're very proud of it," Nance said. "They'll have the opportunity to see classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, laboratories - everything that is involved in a new school."

Nance said he thought such visits were important for voters who will ultimately decide the fate of an $18 million tax bond levy that would be combined with $30 million in state funds to build all new schools for the district. The levy will be on the November ballot.

If approved, the plan would call for new schools throughout the city, but would require the demolition of the current high school, an idea that has sparked an outcry from some residents.

"They need to see what a new chemistry room looks like. They need to see the size of the classrooms," Nance said.

For non-sports fans who are interested in seeing the high school at a later day, including a Saturday, Nance said the Jackson officials have agreed to open the school if enough interest is shown for another special tour. Anyone interested in arranging a separate tour is asked to call Nance at the (740) 532-4133.

Directions for finding Jackson High School:

Take State Route 93 north to Jackson.

Turn onto State Route 32, toward Cincinnati.

Turn onto State Route 139, toward Jackson.

Go two miles on State Route 139.

Turn right into the school parking lot. The roadway forks. Take the left fork.

The high school is located at the top of the hill.