Our moral foundations have crumbled

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A few years ago the moral foundations of our society were based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. In my lifetime, I have watched these foundations crumble.

The beliefs that we now refer to as "traditional values" have given way to the new unbiblical beliefs referred to as "political correctness."

What use to be considered wrong is now considered right. Isaiah 5:20 reads: "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil …"

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The foundation of marriage has crumbled.

Marriage use to be considered sacred and that a man and woman should live together in marriage for life.

Today, however, most people enter marriage never expecting it to last.

I heard that most young people today will be married at least three times before they finally find a relationship that will be binding for life. The acceptance of living together out of wedlock and the most recent acceptance of same-sex marriages is proof that a change in our thinking has taken place.

This great foundation that is the cement of society has crumbled.

Homosexuality has always been considered wrong and unnatural in our society and also in the church.

Now if you say it is wrong, you are considered "homophobic."

As one young person said to me, "We are living in the year 2005 now."

The acceptance of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, and the acceptance of homosexual ministers reveal just how far this foundation has been destroyed.

Modesty use to be a virtue in this country.

Now our movies are filled with nudity and perversion.

Pornography at one time could not be found in America but now it litters our land.

In the '70s movies began to blaspheme the name of God and Jesus using these sacred names as if they were the most disgusting and despised words in the English language.

Abortion has always been considered wrong.

After Roe vs. Wade, however, abortion on demand became the law of the land.

Biblical principles clearly teach that abortion is wrong.

I hear Christians say, "I don't believe in abortion, but I believe that a woman should have the right to abort her baby."

The problem is that those who understand the Bible and even the science of conception must conclude that abortion in nothing less than murder.

Why would a woman be given the right by law to murder?

People tell me that Christians should not be involved in politics. I'm never quite sure what they mean by that. If by that they mean that ministers should not tell their congregation how to vote, I would agree.

But I believe that it goes much deeper that that.

Many today believe that Christians should not even have a voice on any issue in which the government decides to get involved.


don't we have a right to voice our opinion on what is right and what kind of laws should be passed to ensure the best possible world.

In a democracy, I've always been taught that every voice should be heard. Why now is the Christian voice to be silenced. It is apparent, a change in thinking surely has occurred. Another foundation has been destroyed.

There is a question found in Psalms 11:13. Every Christian today should consider it. It reads: "If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?"

They can do what ever it takes to rebuild the Biblical foundations.

James Kearns is pastor of Baldknob United Brethren Church in Kitts Hill.