Youth looks forward to day with #039;Poppy#039;

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 29, 2005

SOUTH POINT - Karleigh Wooten

can't wait for Friday to roll around.

No, the 4-year-old doesn't need a break from the work week because she attends Head Start Monday to Thursday. But when Friday rolls around, it's time for a day of fun with her great-grandfather, whom she calls "Poppy."

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Enjoying their time together Friday, Ed Davis and Karleigh were laughing and chatting as "Poppy" pushed her on the swings at the South Point Municipal Park, the target for this week's Dart.

"This is usually the first thing she wants to do when she comes over," Davis said. "Go to the blue park."

Davis said Karleigh has enjoyed coming to the park for a long time and it is definitely a place they frequent when she comes to visit. He said that she has always called the park the "blue park" and enjoys going from one piece of equipment to the next.

Before they came to the park on Friday, Davis said that they stopped at a gas station down the road where Karleigh had won a bear out of one of the machines - and after the park it was off to Wal-Mart, probably to buy a Dora the Explorer toy of some kind.

"I love Dora toys," Karleigh told her Poppy.

Davis, who happens to be wearing a "Property of Grand-Kids" shirt proudly, explained that he had 18 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Karleigh bought him the shirt for Father's Day.

On Christmas and the holidays, Davis said the family is scattered all over the house.

"You want to see how I can get up there?" Karleigh asked her great - grandfather as she climbed into a tire swing.

"That's good honey," he said as he waked over and began pushing her.

Then after a short ride, it was off to see what other playground adventure she could find. Davis said that she loved the slides - especially the big one. After that, she was climbing in and out of the playground equipment as Davis proudly watched and encouraged her endeavors.

"She's done that since she was two years old," he said. "She's not afraid of anything, she is adventurous."

As they finished their adventure at the park on Friday, they may have been heading off to buy toys or get a snack or see what other fun they could get into. Perhaps they were going to rest and get ready for the hayride they had planned for Saturday morning.

The Dart is a weekly feature in which a reporter throws a dart at a map of Lawrence County and finds a story where it hits.