Ironton paving project expanded

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 14, 2005

Although it may seem that Ironton's paving project is way past its deadline, city engineer Phil Biggs said that residents are actually getting some bonus work.

"We discovered that we had some funding available in the remaining funds of the enhancement project downtown," Biggs said. "That's allowing us the opportunity to correct those bad curbs going out Park Avenue, at least part of them, to be able to fix those before we put asphalt down."

Biggs said he anticipates that the sidewalk improvements would be complete by the end of the work day on Wednesday. Then the paving will begin on Park Avenue between Second and Fifth streets. Then they'll proceed with more concrete work on Park Avenue, concluding with its paving.

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"Then at that point we're going to reassess the funds we have left in the paving contract and determine what parts of Fifth and Sixth streets we will pave from there," Biggs said.

At the present time, Biggs isn't sure how much of the damaged curb along State Route 93 will be replaced, but he estimates his funding will only hold out for about two-thirds of the way to the interchange.

"It's tough to put a real hard estimate as to where we're going to get to, because as we go we keep running into things that have to be fixed that you don't know until you get them uncovered," Biggs said.

They'll also repair some of the damaged curbs on the streets that intersect with Park Avenue.

Also, they'll be headed to the section of Park Ave. between Sixth and Seventh streets and performing what Biggs calls a "kick over": moving the curb to the edge of the sidewalk, allowing seven more feet, allowing residents room to park while leaving room for three lanes of traffic to be created by restriping.

Although it may seem like having additional construction would be a hassle for locals, Biggs said that the negative comments that plagued him early in the project are practically non-existent now.

"I have a complaint from anyone with regard to Park," Biggs said. "I think the activity associated with what we're doing, fixing those curbs out there, people are interested in seeing us get that straightened up, and the appearance will be much improved.