SP resident expresses self with music

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 14, 2005

SOUTH POINT - Jane Bennett expresses her feelings better when she has a pen in hand.

About eight years ago, the South Point resident started writing songs. Recently, two of those songs became part of an album by Hilltop Records in Hollywood.

Her songs, &#8221Fame and Fortune“ and &#8221Peace and Harmony“ were recorded on the albums &#8221America and Land That I Love.“ Bennett said she wrote &#8221Peace and Harmony“ after watching the news one evening. She hopes a top singer will hear her song and want to record it.

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&#8221That would be a dream come true,“ she said. &#8221Until then, I'll just keep writing them.“

Bennett said that she started writing because she had to express herself, which turned out to be a positive experience for both her and those who read her songs. The songwriter also writes poetry.

&#8221I am an expressive person and I had to have an outlet,“ Bennett said. &#8221It seemed to be with my words.“

Bennett is a native of Portsmouth who moved to Ironton at a young age. She now lives in South Point.

She has penned about 60 songs over her eight years in songwriting and said she remembers the inspirational force behind each and every one.

&#8221I remember all the songs I've written, where I've written them and why,“ she said. &#8221I have to express myself.“

Bennett writes songs about ordinary people, for ordinary people. She said she likes to help people going through a bad experience by showing them there is another side.

&#8221There is always a positive with a negative,“ she said.

She writes about things that go on in everyday life, things that happen to everybody, with the hope that her words will help someone. She said that someone can always relate to her songs.

&#8221I love writing songs, I enjoy it,“ she said.