State to recognize local schools#039; achievements

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 14, 2005

A lot of hard work will soon get a little state recognition.

Ohio Department of Education officials will deliver banners and certificates this month to local schools for their achievements on the last state report card round up. The list of honorees includes at least one school from almost every public school district in Lawrence County.

Fairland is among the 111 districts that received an &#8221excellent“ designation on the 2004-2005 Local Report Card and is therefore receiving a congratulatory letter signed by State Board of Education President Sue Westendorf and Susan Tave Zelman, superintendent of public instruction.

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&#8221Community members should be proud of the academic achievement in these schools,“ Zelman said. &#8221For Ohio to continue building a competitive workforce in the 21st century, we must continue improving teaching and learning in the classroom.“

The 883 individual schools that earned an &#8221excellent“ designation will receive a congratulatory letter and a certificate to be displayed in the school. On that list are Dawson-Bryant Elementary, Fairland High School, Fairland West Elementary, Whitwell Elementary and Symmes Valley Elementary.

Whitwell principal John Maynard said he is pleased with the way everyone at his school worked together to achieve the &#8221excellent“ status for the second year in a row - everyone, he said, from cooks and custodians to teachers, students, parents, district administration and the entire community.

&#8221I'm personally proud of everyone for the hard work to make this happen. This is what the people of Ironton strive for - excellence - and the students were able to deliver on that. And it really takes everyone to make it happen,“ Maynard said.

Additional letters and certificates will be sent to the 119 districts and 626 schools that moved up to a new designation. The Rock Hill Local School District, Dawson-Bryant Elementary, Fairland High School, Ironton High School and Symmes Valley Elementary are on the list to receive these commendations since the one district and the five individual schools hiked their rating by one category over last year's performance.

Fairland High School Principal David Judd said he is proud of what his school has accomplished over the last year.

&#8221We're proud we've been able to move up and this is primarily because our sophomores last year did so well on the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test),“ Judd said. &#8221We'll keep working and hopefully we'll be able to keep that rating. Athletics are fine but I get just as excited and I am just as proud when our students do well on academic tests.“