Union Township Trustees open new storage facility

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 14, 2005

UNION TOWNSHIP - This winter, Union Township's equipment and material will be easily accessed in case of emergency.

Union Township Board of Trustees Terry Porter, Mike Curry and Rick Gue have entered into a 10-year lease agreement with Ingram Barge Company to lease two acres located at 66 County Road 3, centrally located in the township.

"We've been extremely pleased that in this transition, we've continued to work with the community, and this is one opportunity we had that we had property that was for the most part not being used and we were able to work and let the community use and take advantage of it," said Scott Noble, senior vice president of Ingram Barge Company.

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The township has worked out a lease agreement for 10 years, where they pay the property taxes.

For many years, the equipment for the township was stored at the home of a township employee. When that person retired, it became necessary to find a new storage area for the equipment.

"This piece of property has been a big advantage because it's centrally located in the township," Curry said. "We really appreciate Ohio River Company and Ingram Barge. It's a mutual agreement that were not going to build on the property, but we can use it for whatever we want."

"It's literally going to mean saving thousands of dollars a year to the Union Township and that is what we are always looking at," Gue said.

"… We just appreciate everything Ingram Barge has done to work with us on this."