Burning money hasn#039;t fixed RH school disputes

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 17, 2005

All the money in the world can't solve some problems. This week, almost two years after the latest battles began, the Rock Hill School District has found itself again bleeding.

A county jury agreed to a complaint alleging wrongdoing on the part of three of the board's five members. All three were ousted from their positions, a rare occurrence in Ohio.

Ironically, it would seem, all three were ousted doing what the voters who elected them wanted - the removal of long-time Rock Hill Superintendent Lloyd Evans.

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When the favor of the board shifted from pro-Evans to anti-Evans in November 2003, a chain of events was set into motion with ugly consequences for almost all the players involved.

At this point, all of the chips still haven't fallen.

But here's where we are to date.

The Rock Hill School Board now has three vacancies. Exactly how and when those spots will be filled remains a bit cloudy.

Evans is set to return to the post he's filled for more than a quarter of a century.

And lots and lots of money - both public and private - has been wasted.

Estimates are that several hundred thousand dollars have been spent on the matters, especially when you consider all of the court time consumed by these matters.

And for what gain?

Very little from where we sit.

Evans remains in office. His ability to survive in the toughest of situations is amazing. He's loved and hated by nearly equal numbers.

The &#8221adults“ in the situation are still seething over who is more wrong.

And, most troubling, after all of the energy, time and dollars that have been invested, none of it has helped improve the education provided to the good children of the district.

Playing well with others is something kindergarten teachers hope to instill in their young charges.

It's a lesson we wish some of the &#8221adults“ of the district could learn, soon.