Fright Night: Corn maze opens

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2005

ARABIA - Grab a jacket - and some nerve - the Taylor Corn Maze has returned with more frights in store.

The attraction opened last weekend and the first to go through the maze said they got what they came for - scares

This is the sixth year for the corn maze, which was the Tri-State's first. Bob and Nancy Taylor also own Ohio Big Birds, an ostrich farm.

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Nancy Taylor said she got the idea for the maze from a magazine, which featured one on a farm in Iowa. Over the years, the maze has had different themes such as a religious theme.

This year, it is all about getting a scare, as if walking through rows of corn under a pitch black sky is not spooky enough.

&#8220I lost my shoe, I lost my jacket, I fell down,” Felicity Easterling said while catching her breath beside the fire burning nearby. &#8220We were walking through and all of a sudden it just got very scary.”

Easterling was one of the first groups to enter the maze when it opened at dark on Saturday night. She came with the Freedom Baptist Church youth group which brought 17 youth to the maze. Before they entered the haunted maze, the youth huddled around the fire listening to tales of fright.

Youth director Brent Sias and assistants Randy Gilmore and Marty Bishop said they reward the group for their attendance at church. They take the youth out to do something once a month and for this month's activity, they brought the youth to the maze. Sias said they brought 30 or 40 youth to the maze last year.

Easterling was actually with the second group of youth, but her group bypassed the first and apparently quite quickly. She came running out with her group of friends, losing her tennis shoe and her jacket in the process. She said that her group ran halfway through the maze.

&#8220It was the scariest haunted house I have ever been to,” she said before the group boarded the van and went back to church to warm up with some hot chocolate.

Many waited to make the half mile trek through the corn maze,

and although those who waited could not see, what they were heard going on inside the maze was enough to get their blood pumping.

The roar of a chainsaw followed by screams from those within the maze had some people laughing and some looking a little worried.

&#8220It was fun and it was great to work in,” Chad Higgins said before going into the maze on Saturday night. Higgins and many others including Bob Taylor and his son, Seth, work in the corn maze.

Keith and Hope Wilson brought their daughters, Willow, 6, and Isabella, 7, to the maze on Saturday evening for some family fun.

&#8220It was fun, I liked it,” Keith Wilson said.

Isabella Wilson said that the scariest part of the maze was the guy chasing them with the chainsaw and, while laughing, she said the guy that kept sneaking up and trying to &#8220get” them. Wilson said she had a good time going thorough the maze.

Even though the Wilsons admitted it was scary, they said they enjoyed a little Halloween fun.

&#8220It's just good, clean family fun,” Nancy Taylor said.

The Taylor Corn Maze is located 20 miles north of Ironton on State Route 141.

From Proctorville, take State Route 775 until it intersects with State Route 141 at Wilgus, go straight on 141 east another 2 miles, the barn is on the left.

Admission is $6 for adults and $5 for those under 12. The maze is not recommended for children under 10. The maze opens at dark. Bring a flashlight if possible.

The corn maze will be open to scare Friday and Saturday and Oct. 28 and 29.

The maze will close at 11 p.m. unless there is a line. For more information, call (740) 643-2285 or e-mail