Record #036;340M Powerball has residents excited

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2005

A record $340 million Powerball jackpot has area residents thinking big - and spending bigger.

&#8220You see people coming in who say they don't usually play the lottery,” said Richard Brislin, owner of First Stop Liquor Store, on Winchester Avenue at the foot of the Ben Williamson Bridge in Ashland, Ky.

&#8220But once it hits that $200 million mark, they come in. Of course we have the regulars, people who say they'd be happy with $10 million.

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&#8220Š On most days ticket sales, you're looking at $200 to $300. But when it gets this big it's more like $2,000 to $3,000 in sales. Everybody's got that dream of what they would do with the money.”

The Powerball game is sold in 27 states including Kentucky and West Virginia.

Hatler Robinson and Bart Pommell, both of Coal Grove, said the lottery has fueled a few dreams for them.

&#8220I already got one (ticket) in my shirt pocket, bought it in South Carolina,” Pommell said. &#8220I play every week.”

And what would they do with the money?

&#8220I'd like to retire. I'd get out of debt first,” Pommell said. But Robinson had something else in mind.

&#8220Par-tay!” he said.

&#8220I”d get out of debt and then I'd par-tay,” Pommell said. &#8220I'd like to get an RV and then just see the country, set my whole family up.”

&#8220I'd take a big long ride around the country,” Robinson agreed. &#8220Just get me an RV and take off.”

Both men said they let the computer pick their numbers and hope some day the ticket machine spits a winning combination in their direction.

Amanda Thompson, cashier at Buster's Bi-Lo, is not selling the Powerball tickets, since Ohio is not a participating state. But she's going to cross the bridge and buy a ticket.

&#8220I would retire,” she said matter of factly, when asked what she would do with that kind of money.

While Thompson, Pommell and Robinson may be dreaming of $340 million, Larry Smith, visiting from Alaska, is not. You see, he has a bit of a problem,

&#8220I've run over black cats with more good luck than I've got,” he laughed. &#8220I'm not lucky at all.”

Perhaps the cat should buy the ticket for him.