Duo help keep the forest clean

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 28, 2005

When enjoying the cleanliness of the Wayne National Forest, take a moment to remember Connie Adkins and Ruth DeMurs.

Since May, the two recreation technicians have scoured the forest from Lake Vesuvius to the Hanging Rock ORV trails, where they spent their Saturday afternoon picking up trash and helping to keep the forest spic ‘n' span.

The duo originally began working at the forest through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) program. DeMurs began eight years ago, Adkins started in 2003.

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The two now work for the forestry service proper, keeping the trails and campgrounds clean. They began doing office work, but find that the great outdoors agrees with them Š for the most part.

&#8220Yeah, except for the weather,” Adkins said. &#8220Except when its 98 degrees. Then it's rough. I can take the cold.”

The temperatures may not always agree with them, but DeMurs said she's sure that their work is well worth it.

&#8220You should try coming out here if we weren't here,” DeMurs said, holding her hand flat about three feet off the ground. &#8220The litter would be up to here. There'd be trash all over the grounds.”

Adkins and DeMurs have not only found job fulfillment at the forest, they've also found great friends in each other. After six months of tidying up together, the two get along famously Š not that they had much of a choice.

&#8220You have to get along well to ride in that truck every day, day-in and day-out,” Adkins said. &#8220We live out of that truck.”

The one downside of being forest service employees is that they work for the six warmer months, before being laid-off for six months. In fact, the duo will part ways for a half year.

The two don't seem overly concerned, they're guaranteed a slot when the temperatures rise again, and they said they both plan to spend the time off catching up with their grandchildren.

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