Split identity:Tunnel brings out inner demons

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 28, 2005

Just like any other college student, Bryan Collins spends his week studying computer science, and his weekends as a chainsaw-wielding murderer.

It's taken around 80 Ohio University Southern students like Collins to make the Lions Club's Haunted Tunnel fundraiser a success, and although the body count may not be real, the help that the tunnel provides certainly is.

&#8220I wanted to scare people, but more than that I wanted to volunteer to help people,” Collins said. &#8220The Lions Club helps people that are less fortunate, last year they got a seeing-eye dog for an elderly lady that couldn't afford it. It was just something I could do to help the community.”

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Ella McCown, a member of the Haunted Tunnel committee, said that meeting that seeing-eye dog recipient was just one of the hidden rewards of volunteer work for the students.

&#8220They're getting a lot out of it, because they're giving back to the community,” McCown said. &#8220It really affects them, seeing how the work that they're doing affects the community.”

Of course, volunteering doesn't just help the students, the Lions Club is also reaping the benefits.

&#8220They've been outstanding help. They're dependable, they show up, we can count on them being there weekend after weekend,” McCown said.

Before becoming involved with the tunnel, Collins said he wasn't much of a Halloween afficianado, but one might say that working with the Lions Club has brought out the monster in him.

&#8220Growing up, I watched all the scary movies, all the Freddy movies everything, but I never realized how much I enjoyed it until volunteering in the tunnel, before doing things to help people,” Collins said. &#8220I think that's really it, helping people.”

Collins is actually an old pro at playing psychopath; he portrayed Freddy Kruger in last year's tunnel.

&#8220As far as scares go, I scared a lot more people being Jason Voorhees, you know, with the chainsaw, but I scared a lot of people as Freddy too, and I liked interacting, going through the tunnel as Freddy,” Collins said. &#8220I guess they're both about the same.”

Collins said he guarantees he'll be in the tunnel next year, in fact he's already started planning how he'll get the scares in 2006.

The last weekend Haunted Tunnel will take place tonight and tomorrow from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on State Route 93 across from the Ironton Hills Shopping Center.