Chesapeake woman donates time so youth can have fun

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 3, 2005

CHESAPEAKE - During the fall of the year, many young girls look forward to another football season of cheering.

People such as Jill Taylor, who give their time and dedication to coach these youth, are the ones who work to make all the fun possible.

Taylor coaches cheerleading for the Chesapeake Youth Football League C Team, and is co-director of the cheerleaders. These jobs, as with many youth football leagues, are done on a volunteer basis - and that is just what she did when coaches were scarce at the start of the season.

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&#8220There was a shortage of coaches so I volunteered to help out,” she said.

Along with her responsibilities of being co-director of all the cheerleaders, Taylor also spends nearly seven hours a week at practice, in addition to coaching the cheerleaders at games every weekend and preparing them for cheerleading competition.

That breaks down to a practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (except for two weeks before competition when the team practiced almost every day), and a game every weekend, from August until November.

&#8220I enjoyed it,” she said. &#8220Getting to know the girls better, you get to know them on a different level.”

Taylor also volunteers at the elementary school where she is a homeroom mother, and teaches Sunday school.

Although she had known many of the youth on her team before the season began, she said coaching the girls gave her an opportunity to learn a lot about them - and it gave her the opportunity to spend time with her daughter, Jordan, who is a member of the squad.

Taylor said that being a volunteer could be a meaningful experience for anyone who does it.

&#8220Volunteering can be a very worthwhile experience for anybody,” she said

The experience was also special to the team, who placed at the cheerleading competition and spent their weekends having a good time cheering together.

It was also special to the parents, grandparents and many others who came each week to watch their little cheerleader in action.

It was special because someone gave up their time - for others, as a volunteer.

Taylor resides in Chesapeake with her husband, Toby, and daughters, Jordan and Jenna.

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