Law enforcement urges residents to be aware during holidays

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 3, 2005

SOUTH POINT - With the holidays quickly approaching and holiday shopping right around the corner, the South Point Police are encouraging residents to be aware of their surroundings - and belongings.

For many residents it is going to be busy soon - people shopping, traveling and getting ready for holiday fun.

This activity will also mean more traffic, changing weather and an increase in crime. Vandalism, thefts and break-ins typically increase during the holiday season, according to local law enforcement.

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Matt Vance of the South Point Police Department advises residents that if they are planning to travel, they should consider asking a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on their house or check with their local law enforcement to see if they can check it periodically.

&#8220We have a request for security check in the village,” he said. &#8220We'll be glad to do that for you.”

Vance said other villages and law enforcement offer this, where they drive by the residence to check it out periodically.

&#8220If you are going to be away, let your local police department know. They may be able to keep an eye on your place,” he said.

Many get busy while shopping for those special holiday gifts. Vance said that in the rush, residents should not pack the car full with visible bags and continue to drive from place to place.

Vance said that it is a bad idea to leave shopping bags and other items in vehicles where passers by can see them. Shoppers should take them back to the house first.

&#8220In this day and time you are going to have to make more stops,” he said. &#8220Don't leave items setting in the car.”

Making the extra trip home may prevent having to replace all those carefully chosen presents, Vance said.

During the holidays, there are also extra law enforcement officers on the road, so Vance reminded residents to obey the speed limits. He suggested leaving early, not rushing and making sure to buckle seatbelts.

Lastly, he warned to protect yourself by being aware of surroundings and exercising caution.

&#8220Be aware of yourself - if you see strange activity, notify the police department, sheriff's department or dial 911,” he said.