Individuals must step to forefront to lead Ironton

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 8, 2005

My Pastor, Terry Stivers, read a newspaper heading that said, &#8220Hurricane destroys church, town unaffected.”

Well, you can look at that two ways I guess. One is that the town escaped damage but the church was leveled. The other could be seen as the church is gone but it never did anything to help the town anyway.

As I listened to the rest of that sermon, I began thinking of my own life, my family and the citizens of Ironton. If I don't wake up tomorrow, will it make any difference to my family, my church or my town?

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Can you tell me what the most valuable piece of real estate is in the world? Is it Disney World? How about Pebble Beach? Maybe it is some foreign piece of property in a distant land?

Well, in my opinion it is the cemetery. Every person has been given gifts and talents, to use for the betterment of society. I really and truly believe that.

However, I also know that there are many people who never use their talents at all.

In the cemetery, there are songs that were never written, buildings that were never constructed, lessons that were never taught, paintings that were never painted and solutions to problems that still exist.

There lies many talents and gifts that went unused.

To me, that makes that ground the most valuable land in the world.

The city of Ironton is certainly at a crossroads. Today we will go to the polls to elect up to four new councilmen, vote on a floodwall levy, a municipal fee, a school bond issue and even elect a judge.

We look to these to help change the outlook for our city. Every one of these issues are vitally important. Every one of these issues could help our city go in a very positive direction.

However, it will take much more to bring Ironton back to a prominent city. It will take individuals who want to see our city succeed.

It will take individuals who will use their talents and gifts for the betterment of our city, not just themselves. It will take a positive attitude and a &#8220can do” spirit that would rival our cities founding fathers.

When we as citizens look to ourselves as a possible solution, instead of part of the problem, our great city will become even greater. We may get four new councilmen, we may get new schools, we may get a new judge and we may protect our town from floods.

However, without a town full of positive attitude and a cooperating spirit, it will make little difference.

Call your councilman. Call your mayor. Call your school superintendent. Call your church pastor. Call the Little League president.

Call the Port Authority. What can you give to our city?

What talent or gift can you use to make Ironton the &#8220Gateway to Southern Ohio?” In short, if you don't wake up in the morning, will Ironton be affected?

Jay Zornes, an Ironton resident and financial planner, serves as a volunteer board member on the Ironton Port Authority.