State should repay help from southern Ohio

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 11, 2005

D ear Ohio leaders,

Hello from southern Ohio and Lawrence County. Yes, the state does extend south past Chillicothe.

Hope all is well for you in Columbus now that voters stepped to the challenge and supported State Issue 1, the bond issue that will provide $1.5 billion for highway maintenance and business-site preparation and $500 million for high-tech development.

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You should be very proud of your state's electorate since they have gone a long way toward helping all of Ohio remain competitive with the rest of the nation and the rest of the world. In Lawrence County alone, 8,870 voters supported the plan.

When the time comes to get out the checkbook and start spending this money, we hope you won't forget the support we have shown you and return the favor. We hope you will not abandon us now that you got what you wanted.

Southern Ohio has many needs that can be addressed with projects that will develop from the bond monies. Our county's two industrial parks could really use some funds for site preparation in efforts to lure businesses to locate here.

We need those jobs and the investment in high-tech projects. What do we have to offer in return? Our support, dedication and hard work and a commitment to helping restore the Buckeye State to its past greatness and beyond.

When it comes time to look at infrastructure, please, Ohio Department of Development and Ohio Department of Transportation, look our way.

Everyone knows the importance of infrastructure and southern Ohio would be a tremendous investment that would pay dividends. We touch two other states and those consumers would be happy to visit Ohio and bring their hard earned dollars with them if we have the infrastructure needed to help them travel smoothly.

Please, Gov. Taft, send some funding our way to help complete the Tri-State Metro Outer belt. Plus, we could really use some improvements on our north-south highways. Don't forget about us now.

We stood by you. Will you stand by us?


Southern Ohio voters