Commissioners pleased with bridge work

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 14, 2005

The county was giving credit where credit is due.

The Lawrence County Commission agreed Thursday to send letters to some local entities for a job well done.

At the behest of Commissioner Doug Malone, the board is sending a letter to the West Virginia Department of Transportation's Division of Highways, commending them for completing the repair of the East Huntington Bridge ahead of schedule.

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&#8220How many times do we see something actually done before it's supposed to be done?” Malone said. &#8220Getting that bridge done two weeks early was great.”

Commissioner Jason Stephens agreed. He also requested that another letter be sent to the Chesapeake Police Department commending officers for their work in easing traffic issues with morning and evening traffic patrol.

&#8220The Village of Chesapeake did a really fine job,” Stephens said.

Thirdly, the Lawrence County Board of Elections is getting a letter of appreciation for a successful election.

&#8220It was a heck of a job they've done,” Malone said. &#8220I think they did an excellent job.”

In other matters, Stephens said he was pleased that Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services came in with the apparent low bid for emergency ambulance service.

&#8220It helps the budget process so we know what we're going to spend,” he said. &#8220It helps us in the next year and in the years to come because it provides us with a fixed cost. I'm pleased with how they (the bids) came in. I think all three commissioners wanted to do the same thing - we wanted to get costs down. We just chose to go about it in a different manner.”