Owens causes more problems

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 14, 2005

Evidently, the Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid and front office felt they needed something more than an apology.

Controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens was suspended indefinitely by the Eagles on Saturday, two days after he criticized the organization for not publicly recognizing his 100th career touchdown catch two weeks ago.

The star receiver apologized Friday in a statement and later on his weekly radio show, but evidently it wasn't enough or sincere enough.

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The Eagles issued a statement that said Owens was suspended ‘‘for conduct detrimental to the team.'' The team added that it will have no further comment.

Although Owens apologized publicly, he might have said something in his meeting with Reid that didn't set well with the coach.

I was able to plant a micorphone in the office and tape the conversation.

Reid: The Eagles organization doesn't acknowledge individual accomplishments. This is a team sports. You're familiar with the team concept, right? You know, there's no &#8220I” in team?

Owens: I thought it was &#8220I” before &#8220E” except after me or in words such as &#8220tieam.”

Reid: I'm beginning to understand why one of the coaches in San Francisco responded &#8220oh, that guy” when asked about you.

Owens: Are they still talking about me in San Francisco? Wow, they still love me there, too.

Reid: No one said anything about love. They did say something about a screen door as you were leaving.

Owens: Hey, when you're as great as I am, people should pay attention to what I say. And I say we'd be unbeaten right now if Brett Favre was our quarterback.

Reid: And I say if Brett Favre was our quarterback and you spouted off like you've been doing against your teammates, Favre would stick one of his bullet-like passed between your cheeks. And I'm not talking about your face.

Owens.: OK, OK. I take everything back I said. I'll apology publicly, but not to the team.

Reid: Well, I think you need to spend Sunday working on your apology notes.

Owens: But then I won't be able to play.

Reid: Let me explain something to you T.O. The fans in Philly love Donovan McNabb. You walk out on the field right now and you still won't play.

Owens: But I'm T.O.!!

Reid: Yep, terminally obnoxious.

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.