Thanksgiving should have same carryover as feast

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some things never feel old. And even though they actually are old, they still feel like new.

Thanksgiving feasts are as much a right of fall as the changing of the leaves or kickoff of the pigskin

And each year, many of us tell ourselves that same thing: Don't forget why we are thankful. Sitting at the dinner table to devour some turkey can bring those things out.

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I always try to make a list of all the reasons I have to be thankful. And I feel fortunate that my list always seems to grow and grow until it would likely rival old St. Nick's even.

Of course, I am always thankful for the most fundamental things such as good health, a loving group of friends and family and a great Tri-State community to call home.

But I like to try and go beyond the surface to find the not-so-obvious reasons myself and probably many of us have to be thankful. Here are just a few reasons I am thankful.

&t;For living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, where I can speak my mind and say what I want.

&t;For being born in an era where true equality between men and women of all races is at least closer to being achieved, though much work still needs to be done.

&t;For growing up in a region that provided a good family environment.

&t;For being blessed with a good job and wonderful co-workers who make coming to work not seem like a chore everyday.

&t;For having a supportive wife who understands long hours, early deadlines and holiday madness that comes with working in the newspaper business.

&t;For having enough sense to know that I just couldn't cut it many other fields. You won't see me try to deliver a baby, wrestle an angry drunk into a police car or rush into a burning building to save Fluffy the cat. All are admirable jobs, but not ones for me.

And somewhere around here is when my mind starts to wander and the tryptophan - the chemical in turkey that helps make us drowsy - kicks in and the sleep-inducing fog starts to roll into my brain.

Then my list starts to deteriorate into the ramblings of a man on a turkey overdose with a cranberry chaser. From that point on, I am thankful:

&t;For Ohio State beating that other school from up north so that I can tease our staff photographer for another 365 days.

&t;For having parents who think that dinner needs to include every dish known to man in large enough portions to feed a small army of pilgrims.

&t;For not having to host this feasting frenzy at my house.

&t;For having a dishwasher.

&t;For not being a dishwasher.

Well, you can see it is a slippery slope and all down hill from there. But I am left with the thought that each and every one of us has much to be thankful.

And I would be thankful next year if I was able to make my thoughts of thanks last all year round. We all know the turkey and extra pounds we put on will.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Caldwell is managing editor at The Ironton Tribune. To reach him, call (740) 532-1445 ext. 24 or by e-mail at