Fairland students spend afternoon meeting with pilgrim

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PROCTORVILLE - First graders at Fairland East had an opportunity to look back at the pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower before celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

Students went to Fairland High School Tuesday to participate in an interactive video conference with a &#8220pilgrim.” The session is about the pilgrims' voyage to the new world and their first year here.

&#8220This is the first opportunity the students have had to take advantage of this type of technology,” Roni Hayes, of Fairland East Elementary said. &#8220It has been a very educational experience for them.”

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Hayes said the students were exposed to new facts about the pilgrims which enhance the curriculum. The story was told through the eyes of character Mary Allerton, an actual child of the original Mayflower passengers. The session is geared toward first graders, but can be adapted for other ages.

Students were looking forward to the conference and Thanksgiving, as Tuesday was their last day before Thanksgiving vacation. Alex Ward said he was looking forward to Thanksgiving because all his friends are going to be there.

Ward said he is most thankful for &#8220all the food that God brings us,” and he is looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner and all the food that will be there.

&#8220I'm going to be stuffed,” he said with a smile.

First grader Breanna Zirkle said that it was her first time learning about the pilgrims and the Native Americans, and she was looking forward to it. Zirkle said she was most thankful for the food and her family this holiday season and she is most excited about having her family come over and eating dinner together.

Her classmate Mary Katherine Harder said she had already learned about Thanksgiving, as they have been studying it at school in past weeks. She was looking forward to watching the video conference - and the holidays.

&#8220I'm thankful for my family,” she said.