Charities, groups need help to spread cheer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 1, 2005

The old clich\u00E9 that it is better to give than to receive couldn't apply more for many area charities and organizations. For many, the giving season - not the shopping season - has begun.

But these groups cannot do it alone. It takes the entire community to allow those who are less fortunate to share in the happy holidays to which most of us look forward.

Countless groups will soon begin pushing fund-raisers and civic-minded events in an effort to raise needed funds.

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From the Ironton City Welfare Mission's recent Thanksgiving dinner to Saturday's Kiwanis Club Breakfast with Santa, Lawrence Countians have always shown a giving spirit and generous heart. We hope to see that tradition continue.

We challenge each and every citizen of Lawrence County to commit one random act of kindness this holiday season. Even the smallest gesture can have the biggest effect.

Many such opportunities exist.

Make a donation to a church. Provide the City Mission with clothes. Sponsor a family through an Adopt-a-Family event. Help a food bank restock its shelves with needed canned goods. Eat some pancakes for a good cause.

The list goes on and on because so many groups are trying to take an active role of leadership. But it truly takes the entire community.

So, as you head to the stores to spend your hard-earned money, take a few moments to consider those who are not able to help themselves this holiday.

Many of those you would help may not be in situations of their own creation. Each of us could find ourselves in similar situations.

For someone who has suffered hard times or loss, the holidays can be a painful, heart-breaking season.

If each of us make a conscious effort, we can help spread holiday cheer to all those in need. It starts with a single act of kindness.