Santa visits library for Storytime

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2005

SOUTH POINT — It is almost Christmas — and Santa Claus made an early appearance at the Southern Branch of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library on Monday.

Children’s Services of Briggs Library presented their Christmas program “A Baker’s Dozen” and a Visit from Santa Claus at the library. Visitors were treated to a Christmas story, a craft, carols, cookies and a visit from Santa Claus himself. Mrs. Claus read the children “The Baker’s Dozen, A St. Nicholas Tale” written by Aaron Shepherd.

“Christmas is an exciting time for us here at the library,” said Susan Spears of children’s services said after leading the children in some Christmas carols. “We get to share the holiday with the children and we appreciate them coming to our holiday program.”

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After the story, craft and carols — it was time for the guest of honor. As St. Nicholas entered the room, the children’s eyes grew big and many ran to get in line to present him with their wish list.

Sisters 4-year-old Olivia and 8-year-old Audrey Fosson both said books were high on their wish lists this year, with Audrey specifying Nancy Drew and Magic Attic books as her favorite to read. Olivia said she also hoped Santa would bring her some doll clothes and a picnic set.

Across the room, 4-year-old Noah Swann munches on a cookie after telling Santa what he would like this Christmas. When asked, his response was simple.

“Toys,” he said matter-of-factly.

Noah went on to say that he is wishing for some Thomas the Tank Engine items such as Annie and Clarabelle and some Fischer Price Little People. He also said he would like Minnesota Cuke from the Veggie Tales — Minnesota Cuke is the “Indiana Jones” character from the Veggie Tales cartoons.

Quietly putting the finishing touches on his craft project, Jared Goodwin, 5, said he was ready for Santa to come. Goodwin, who is now in school used at attend story time at the library before he started kindergarten, but decided to come back and enjoy the all-ages program. He said a Pop up Pirate is number one on his wish list for Christmas this year.

No matter what the age, all who were in attendance were having a good time celebrating the joy of Christmas with their families. The all-ages Christmas program will also be presented at the main branch on Wednesday evening, the eastern branch on Thursday evening and the northern branch on Monday. For more information and times, contact your local branch of the Lawrence County Public Library.