Winter cold arrives, snow misses area

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The funny thing about Mother Nature is, she’s got a mind of her own.

Regardless of what the forecasts say, she sometimes wants to do her own thing. Thursday night was a prime example.

Weather predictions earlier Thursday called for the area to receive up to an inch of snow or freezing rain. When many residents awoke this morning, they found that those looking for a day off work or school had been shortchanged.

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How did this happen?

“It was just warm enough — above freezing — and things just fell as rain,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Kary Fleegel.

“We got about a half an inch. And temperatures were able to warm up pretty well. Most of the rain we got just ran off the roadways.”

Some parts of the region did get snow: Scioto County and areas north of Lawrence County saw some snow accumulation. So did the coalfields of eastern Kentucky and parts of West Virginia.

“Elkins got 3 inches and Snowshoe got 5,” Fleegel said.

Mother Nature probably will make it up to us anytime soon, either. Fleegal said right now the forecast calls for a 20 percent chance of snow Sunday with little or no accumulation.